Brighton Up Your Day

On Tuesday, a friend and I headed down to the English coastal town of Brighton.
Brighton has got to be one of the most visited tourist beach destinations in the Summer – luckily we went at the beginning of March so it wasn’t all that busy. 

The seaside resort town became more popular during the 1700s as some bloke decided to push the idea of drinking and bathing in seawater as a general remedy to illness. 

King George IV liked this idea so much he built a royal residence in Brighton – the Royal Pavilion.  Unfortunately i didn’t have time to check out George’s digs, although it is constructed in the Indo-Saracenic style that is popular in India. Bit of a contrast to the traditional English buildings Brighton sports!

One attraction we did get down to is Brighton Pier.

We headed down around dusk – an ideal time to snap some great sunset shots!



The pier has an amusement arcade full of different games – car racing, Dance, Dance Revolution, ‘shoot the bad guys’ – as well as 2p games. 
The 2p game was something new to me as we don’t have anything like it in Australia.

You put your 2 pence in a slot up the top and it slides down and tries to push the other coins out of the way. if you’re lucky the coins fall over the edge and you get an influx of 2p coins to continue playing!

No arcade visit is complete without trying some of the rides. Here are the two I got on:

After our Pier fun, we checked out another side of Brighton.
Kelly’s Brighton Murder and Mayhem Tour was all about the murders and mysteries of Brighton’s dark past.
There was even a possible link between a Brighton man and Jack the Ripper! Kelly was very enthusiastic about the subject and was great to talk to. 
It’s £8 per person and the walk goes for around 2 hours.
A train from London Bridge or London Victoria stations will take anywhere from 1 hour to 90 minutes, and will set you back around £16.
Or you can do what I did and invest in a personal chaffeur (make friends with locals with cars). Parking in Brighton can get quite expensive – 3 quid for 1 hour on the foreshore or £10 for a 24 hour parking permit from a hotel if you’re staying down. 
It was a lovely day out with much to see and enjoy. 

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