Richmond Park

On Thursday I caught up with my Australian mate Nathan. 

It was a lovely Summer’s day so we decided to check out one of the eight Royal parks that are dotted around London. 
Richmond Park is in the South West of London and dates back to the 13th Century! It is the largest of the parks and is also a national nature reserve. 

It was a long walk from Richmond tube stop to the gate so we decided to head in the direction of the closest cafe. And lucky we did! 
About 5 minutes down the road we came across a herd of deer. 
One of the deer thought that the grass would be greener on the other side and proceeded to hold up traffic and cross the road. 
This particular deer wasn’t scared of us mere humans, he came right up and nibbled my hand! He also posed a bit for photos. 
After are amazement of the deer wore off we headed to the cafe, grabbed a cider and some ice cream and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful scenery. 
River Thames


Richmond Park


Richmond Park


random path
On our way back to the tube station we found a playground! 
We took one spin on the spiny-round thing before I felt ill (I don’t do rides real well) and headed down to walk along the riverbank.
We of course had to take on last selfie together as today Nathan departs on a 47 day Topdeck trip before going back to the land down under as his visa is at an end (sad face)!


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