Dinner at Work – Zimbo-Italiano Veg Dish

Last night we had another culinary delight that tickled the tastebuds!

The amazing thing about food is that you can start your dish with one thing in mind (in this case the spicy tastes of Zimbabwe) and with just the additions of a few spices it can go in a completely different direction! Straight to Italy!

onion, sliced
tinned diced tomato
cabbage (darker the better), thinly sliced
garlic gloves, chopped
chilli powder
curry powder
fennel seeds
olive oil
veg stock
brown the onion with cinnamon
add garlic and stir
add the cabbage slices 
pour in the tinned tomatoes
add in the chilli powder, curry powder, fennel seeds, rosemary and oregano
stir, taste and adjust to your liking
add a touch of olive oil to bring it all together
In another pot add 2 cups of stock
pour in polenta WHILE stirring
constantly stir until thick
if it starts spitting at you, take of heat and continue stirring
once both are ready, serve and enjoy
** to have a more Zimbabwean tasting dish, leave out the fennel seeds, rosemary and oregano and replace with hemp seeds, garam masala and a touch more chilli powder

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