2 days in San Francisco


I just returned to London after a whirlwind 6 week trip in the states with 3 of my best friends.


 The first part of our US holiday started with a stay in San Francisco. We stayed in the heart of the city – which also happened to be Crack Corner – at the Metropolis Hotel.

As we tried to save money anywhere we could, we quad shared. The 2 double bedded room did not give a lot of room for 4 suitcases, a carry-on case and 3 backpacks but we managed to not kill each other or trip over anything the 3 nights that we were there. This is probably because we didn’t spend much time inside.


Our first full day in San Francisco started with walking the scenic route to Fisherman’s Wharf so we could catch our boat across to Alcatraz.

 The tour of Alcatraz is self paced and has an audio guide within the main penitentiary building. The audio is presented by past prisoners of the island and is full of stories of their time there, including a daring escape!

After walking up and down and all over the island, we were hungry! Luckily we were able to find this gem of an American icon on the wharf.


I was quite excited when the waiter told me the ribs (including the sauce!) was gluten free.

Especially seeing as I didn’t like seafood at this point. After trying Jess’ shrimp on a stick’ however I had to get my own!


Nicole and Jess
Me and Kyle

The afternoon was spent walking around the city and signing up to the great discounts that Safeway offer!


Our night was spent at AT&T Park where we watched the San Francisco Giants take on the St Louis Cardinals. Baseball is quite an interesting game to watch, goes a bit long though. We stayed warm with our new beanies and the best hot cocoa I’ve ever had.


The next day we had a bit of a sleep in, before making our way back to Fisherman’s Wharf to do a cruise of the Bay (thanks to our Flight Centre travel agent for this freebie!)


Unfortunately it was a bit foggy so we couldn’t get a clear photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, but this was one of my favourites.




A trip to San Francisco isn’t complete without taking a ride on the historic cable car. We made our way back to Union Square and waited for around half an hour in line – entertained by the buskers and homeless dancers – before getting on.



The tram starts at the junction of Powell and Market Streets and makes it way through the streets to Fisherman’s Wharf. Tickets are US$7 one way.


We also managed to find and begin our love affair with Ross in San Francisco.

For those not familiar with the store, it’s a bit like TK Maxx. Nicole, Jess and I had fun trying on the discounted bargains and I picked up a pair of Sketchers for $35 (I love my Sketchers. Might be because I don’t have a Prada backpack!)




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