48 hours in Cardiff

The first weekend in November saw the Australian Rugby Union team face off against the Welsh. We were lucky enough to secure tickets for the game so decided to make a bit of a weekend of it and headed for Cardiff early on Friday morning.

We took the cheap route of the National Express coach and ended up in Cardiff by half one. After a quick, refreshing nap, Cara and I decided to check out Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff Castle stands in the centre of the capital city and has been there since the 11th Century. The castle passed through many different families and during the early 20th century a lot of the surrounding areas had been sold off leaving little but the castle.

During World War II the castle was used as an air raid shelter which you can walk through on a self-paced tour.

We found a cute little pub near where we were staying. we met our housemate Hanna at Gassy Jacks for dinner and they also had £6 pitchers of cocktails! I was still recovering from my jet lag from America, but the girls managed to get through 8 jugs.

After a sleep in, we got ready for the game and met the rest of our group for lunch and pre’s. (pre-drinking).
Once we had eaten and had our fill of cheap drinks (Cardiff is the place to go for cheap drink and eat!) we headed to the stadium and watched the Wallabies absolutely annihilate the Welsh.
spot the angry Welshman



all rugged up against the Cardiff weather
After an amazing win by the Australian team, we headed where every Aussie (and most of the Welsh) end up for a good night – The Walkabout!
I found a sheep! Must have wandered in from the countryside.

– National Express return cost us £15 return, however we did end up paying an extra £15 because we decided to go back to London earlier.

– Rugby tickets cost us £60.

– General entry tickets for Cardiff Castle are £12.

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