Cheese and Wine Festival – East Village (London)

On Saturday morning I met up with a friend and some randoms for our not-so-regular brunch club. Anyone and everyone is welcome and this time we had 5 people. After brunch, Rachel – who had come down from Cambridge for the weekend – said she was headed to the Cheese and Wine Festival in the East Village. Cushla and I quickly jumped on that idea and invited ourselves along because, well, CHEESE!

It was a bit of a mission to find the place as none of us live in the East and following the ‘directions’ seemed to take us all around the Westfield.
We arrived pretty much on the dot, and started wandering around the open air market stalls. We did our first lap to see what was on offer – stopping at the cider stall for a half of cider before continuing on and around for some arancini balls!
these were amazing!


We now had a bit of an idea of what we wanted, so we started at the beginning again, this time Rachel and I had a glass of Pimms to accompany our journey round.
One of the main features of the Festival was the cheese carving. Unfortunately we didn’t stick around till the end, so not sure what the end result was, but they did have Brie-once on display!
this is made entirely from cheese!
Our next stop was to the chocolate stall! I got these three cute little hot chocolate sticks, one for me and one each for my housemates. Cara and I have not yet had ours, but G had hers last night to help cure her hangover and she 100% recommends!
On our way out we stopped again at the cider stall where I restricted myself to only buying 3 jars of chutney! I bought a passionfruit curd (not sure what I’m going to do with that!), a sweet cider chutney and a Thai lime and chilli flavour. While sipping on another half of cider I checked out the cheese – all the cheese (excluding the Stilton) was all from Somerset. With a few tidbits as samples, some of that cheese ended up in my bag to take home!
so many options!
Our last stop was to ‘Gastro Nicks’ where Cushla was looking for an alcoholic gift for a friend.  We came across these cute little bottles of gin liqueur.
Cushla purchased 2 of the Rhubarb and Ginger flavour – one for her friend and one for herself!


After spending an extortionate amount on cheese, it was time to part ways with Rachel and Cushla and I met up with some other friends on the Southbank.



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