Disneyland Paris at Easter

An Easter Getaway at the Happiest Place on Earth!

What’s better than a long weekend? An EXTRA long weekend!
Easter brings the gift of a Friday AND a Monday bank holiday!
But where to spend these 4 days (well, 3 once you take off travelling time)?

We found some relatively (for a long weekend) cheap flights from London with EasyJet flying on the Friday and Monday.
We had arranged an AirBNB, so got in an Uber from CDG and made our way to the small village of St-Germain-Sur-Morin – a fantastic spot easily accessible to Disneyland.
After a small hiccup of knocking on the wrong door (there were 6 houses numbered 49 on the same street!) we made contact with our hosts and got unpacked.
It was about 6pm so after unpacking and a bit of a chat with our hosts we made our way into the village to the an Asian restaurant. Mann Fong was a lovely local restaurant full of locals. Unfortunately the menu was not available in English, but with a bit of Google translate and the lovely young waiter we were able to get a meal without any (bad) surprises. They were really good at catering for my coeliac too!
We had a late start on the Saturday as we knew the fireworks at the end of the day weren’t going to start till around 10.
A bus from St-Germain-Sur-Morin goes straight to the park for €2.
We scored some 2 day, 2 park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct for £106 each which also came with a 20% off food voucher for Planet Hollywood.
Walt Disney Studios is the first park that you come across after getting through security so that’s where we headed. There were a few rides that we tried – I got on a rollercoaster or 2! – and went and watched the Stunt Show. I got to be the Star of the Show! I got this lovely photo frame and photo for my efforts.
After all that excitement we went to Disney Village and made use of our Planet Hollywood voucher.
The menu is quite extensive and we all ended up with a rack of ribs. So excited to see BBQ ribs on the gluten free menu!
Unfortunately it got a bit awkward when the table of three French lads behind us turned their chairs around AND WATCHED US EAT RIBS! One of them did make a good photobomb though.
the boys couldn’t believe 3 girls could eat a plate of ribs. Each.
The rest of the day we spent getting photo opportunities with the various attractions around the park and had a look through Disneyland Park before settling in to watch the fireworks.



The fireworks happen every day after closing. It also includes illuminations over the Disney castle and IS AMAZING and is a must see.
The next day was spent mostly at Disneyland Park and it seemed everyone else had the same idea so it was a bit hard to get on some rides, but there is a line for ‘single riders’ which had a reduced waiting time so we made use of that plenty.
We went back to Planet Hollywood for lunch (burgers this time) and made our way back to Disneyland Park for the afternoon parade. The floats were amazing and the Disney ‘princesses’ were interactive with the crowd.
We did have a bit of an issue with some people trying to push in front but we stood our ground and managed to have a great view.
We finished the day off with a ride on the carousel and having a go at bring King Arthur.
So we know that Disneyland is pegged as a place for children but god! some parents need to teach their children some manners.
We had all lined up for a photo opportunity – we’ve been in England too long – when all these little kids just jumped in front. Cara’s face in the above photo sums up the feelings. After pushing the kids out the way waiting for the kids to move on, we made our way back to our Airbnb and got ourselves takeaway.
The weather was typical France in April, but we were lucky that the rains stayed away. I would recommend a thicker coat than my light rain jacket though.
The Details
Our Airbnb with Alexis & Liliana was £69 per night
A 2 day, 2 park Disneyland Paris ticket was £106 from Attraction Tickets Direct.
An Uber from CDG to St-Germain-Sur-Morin was around €65.
Flights with EasyJet cost £120 flying out from Luton and back into Southend.
The local bus from St-Germain-Sur-Morin was €2 each way.

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