Eating out gluten free in London

Eating out can be a bit of a chore when you have allergies or intolerances.
Luckily for me, their are multiple places to choose from in London that cater for gluten free – and actually understand the dangers of cross contamination (and the fact that boiling water doesn’t kill off gluten!)

There are a few 100% completely gluten free restaurants and cafes dotted around including:


I’ve been a few times back before the name change and face lift, and it’s a wonderful feeling not being the picky eater asking all the questions!

For those with more than one allergy or who choose to be vegetarian or vegan Leggero caters for you too!

The menu has allergens clearly displayed


The first time I went, we managed to have one course and a glass of wine before the whole area was hit with a blackout. Unfortunately we couldn’t have our mains, but the staff kindly gave us what had already been eaten on the house, and sent us on our way with some warm homemade gluten-free bread.

I chose the baby octopus on a bed of mash potato with a balsamic drizzle.


I went again last week and this time chose two small plates:


The focaccia was like a mini pizza on thick crust. The bread had a crunchy exterior but was deliciously soft on the inside and melted in the mouth.

The duck breast and berries was a bit sweet, especially with the excess berry juice but with a coating of the cocoa powder was quite tasty.

Service is great, the waiter knew when to approach and when to not interrupt during conversation. There was no push to vacate after eating (although I went early on a Sunday evening, it may be different if there is a wait).

2 small plates cost me around £12.

Leggero can be found on Old Compton St in Soho.






The last time I visited was to treat myself for lunch before heading for a long weekend to Luxembourg with my housemates.

The pie crust was lovely and flaky and the gravy reminded me of childhood meals at a country pub, but I didn’t really go much on the filling or the curly kale (I am not a big fan of greens). The mash was delicious and creamy though, and amazing with gravy poured on top. The servings are filling though.

Even though I was super full (and above budget already – thank god it was payday!) I ordered dessert as well.

I absolutely love crumble, so when I saw the hot apple and blackberry crumble with custard I had to get it.

The crumble was piping hot – and so was the custard. It took a while to cool down before I could eat it without burning my mouth, but I’ve never really been known for my patience.

My lunch of pie, crumble and 2 glasses of coke cost me just under £40

Niche is about a 5-10 minute walk up from Angel tube station located on Roseberry Avenue.


Beyond Bread

My sandwich was filled with smoked ham, goats cheese, rocket and chilli jam. The fact that the sanga is toasted gives a nice crunchy bite to the bread. The goats cheese and chilli jam compliment each other (if you haven’t tried this combo you are missing out!) and they cover the disgusting taste of rocket (ok, so it wasn’t overpowering in this but I am not a fan of many leafy greens).

While the sandwich is delicious and the fillings go well together, there were two things that I didn’t enjoy:

Although the ham itself was delicious and smoky, it doesn’t easily break apart when you bite it. This means you end up eating all the ham in one go and the rest of your sandwich is ham-less!

The crunchy bread also gives your jaw a bit of a workout. I had to have a rest half way through as my jaw was aching!



I ordered a slice of the Honey Cake for afters and it does not disappoint in size!

The cake itself is a bit dry, but eaten together with the vanilla icing it is deliciously moist. You can definitely taste the honey and in combination with the icing, it does get a bit much. Although that could just be the size of the slice!



My lunch of a sandwich, slice of cake and a small orange juice cost around £13.

There are 2 locations for Beyond Bread, one in Islington and one in Fitzrovia.

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