Axe Hurling Glasgow

Daz and I met up at the venue before going through the now usual covid precautionary measures – face masks, antibac gel – as well as signing release forms.

The venue has a one way system in place. We were taken through to the main area that and we discovered that we had the place to ourselves! The lads gave us a run through on safety protocols and a quick example on how to throw properly and then Daz and I had at it.

It did not go well for me. My axe ended up on the floor about 98% of the time. The boys were not impressed.

While I was failing miserably at even hitting the target, Daz was hitting bullseyes left, right and centre. Once he got bored of that, the staff members set him a new challenge – the underarm throw. Of course, the wee bastard hit the bullseye that way too.

Finally I managed to hit the target!! Of course the first thing to do was take photographic evidence! Especially as it took me a good 45 minutes to hit the damn thing.

The Logistics

The axe hurling is located in the Xcite Activity centre at 72 Hydepark Street in Glasgow. There is also the other fun activities of an escape room and a rage room on the premises. It cost £20 each for a 90 minute session.

There is paid street parking, but it is free after 6pm.

It’s for adults only – 18+ and no open toed shoes allowed.

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