Walking for Charity!

If you’re a long term reader of my blog then you would know that I regularly volunteer for a wonderful charity here in the UK called The Back Up Trust. Back Up help to support people who have spinal injuries as well as their families.

I’ve also met many of my wonderful friends through Back Up, who you would have seen pop up in various posts over the last couple of years!

The month of March brings the Spinal Circuit Challenge – in the UK and Northern Ireland there are 11 spinal units. The distance between them all is 1799km and that’s our collective distance target! My own personal target is 100km – if you’re able to, I would absolutely love it if you’re able to donate to a worthy cause!


If anyone has any good walking routes either near Kings Cross in London (where I work) or in Glasgow (where I live) please let me know!

Let’s smash it!

Thank you to all who have already donated – don’t be afraid to push me if you don’t think I’m working hard enough! 😁

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