Life Update

So it took some sweet ass time for me to write the post about Wales with Pete and there was a gap between that and the one before that. Have been a bit busy with life, so this is a wee update of what I’ve been up to.

Days after returning from Mallorca, I was back on another plane, this time heading home to the Motherland for a couple of weddings. It was great to catch up with family and friends, and meet the beautiful new additions my friends had spawned in the last three years. It was also fantastic to finally experience business class with Lufthansa and Singapore.

I spent five weeks at home, had a week back in Glasgow doing some training for my casual job and then the week in Wales.

THEN… I spent four weeks in Europe with a friend from uni. Hopefully get around to writing a little spiel about that eventually as we chose to stay at some really nice places.

August saw me do a quick six day assignment down in Surrey before a weekend of socialising at the Fringe…. and then… I started college!

So now, we’re coming up to the end of the first trimester, with three exams down and one more to go on Friday and then one more report for this block.

The down week, I’ve booked a wee trip to Morocco with my lovely Kiwi friend Georgia, so looking forward to that.

College is full time at three days a week, so I’m picking up a hospital shifts and have a standing Monday morning job. It’s definitely a big pay cut, but it’s nice being in my own bed for weeks on end and being able to actually attend the social events I get invited to.

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