A Destination Menu – May Travel Link Up

The topic for this month’s travel link up is if travel was a menu, where would your palate take you?
I decided to go with a 5 course menu because who wants to limit life to 3 courses?
The good thing about this theme is that it doesn’t just have to be places that you have already visited.


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Food Glorious Food – September Travel Link-Up

This month the travel link up topic is all about food! Anyone who knows me knows that I love food and wont back down from unusual foods.

Being Coeliac I do miss out on some yummy foods (no Krispy Kremes here) but last year I travelled to Cambodia and was able to try so much of the local cuisine there. From the Spider wine to the tarantulas, Cambodia was delicious!

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A Sense of Home – July Travel Link Up

This month’s travel linkup topic is Home.

It got me thinking as to what makes a place feel like home to me.

Although a lot of people have connections with the physical place, home to me has more to do with the people and the sense of belonging you get.

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Wanderlust Wishlist 2016 – January Travel Linkup

2015 saw me travelling far and wide, literally and emotionally. I spent the 14/15 New Year watching the fireworks over the Thames (and working on a party boat), spent a weekend in Brussels with my best friend, explored Cambridge, met new ‘family’ in Scotland, travelled to Portugal with work, saw where the Von Trapps lived in Salzburg, caught up with friends in Hanover, got lost in Berlin, made new friends in Vietnam and Cambodia and surprised family in Thailand! 

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