Camel Riding in Tunisia

On trying to find a suitable holiday destination with my boyfriend I had one request: I wanted to ride a camel in the desert.

Tunisia was a great choice because it ticked all of our boxes:

* All inclusive (blame the British boyfriend for this one)
* Cheap
* Somewhere I/we hadn’t been before
* Somewhere we could ride a camel

On our first full day we booked our half day Camel Caravan with our Thomas Cook representative for the following Monday.

Monday dawned bright and hot! After an early breakfast we awaited our first steed – the bus. 

After a rocky start – thank you bus sickness! – we were in amongst the olive groves in the Tunisian desert. 

Our camel

These camels didn’t know how to sit down, so I had to place my left leg in the hands of the guide who basically just threw me over. It’s a bit hard considering the camel is over 6 foot high! But, I got up there and then Dan had to get thrown up behind me.
Unfortunately I’m not all that good with heights either and with Dan wriggling around I was not feeling the safest! Finally he settled down and we were on our way!


After about 10 minutes trying not to fall off we stopped to feed the steeds. Getting off the camel was worse than getting off! It was sooo high! Once I was back on the ground I felt much safer. 

Camels eat cactus due to the amount of water the plant can hold. We all lined up with a piece in between our teeth. 


After my experience on the camel I wasn’t getting back on it! Luckily they had some horse drawn carriages that took us to our second stop of lunch. 

After our 45 minute rest we were back on our steeds heading home. This time I got to ride the donkey. Much more comfortable and a lot closer to the ground the donkey was a wee bit slow, but that lead to a nice relaxing amble through the olive groves. 

All in all, I’m glad that I got to fulfill something that was on my Bucket List, even if I didn’t enjoy it.


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